Shipping Instructions for Delivery of Boxes and Parcels to Our Hotel

It is quite common for guests to have boxes or other parcels sent prior to their date of arrival, which typically is not a problem. Upon receipt, boxes and parcels are placed in the hotel’s receiving room and a message is added to the guest’s reservation as a reminder upon check-in that items have been received by the hotel. Please check with the front desk upon arrival at the hotel for your shipped package(s).

There will be a fee of $2.99+tax (per piece) for any packages received at the hotel. Any received package over 10lbs. will also be subject to an additional $5.99+tax (per piece) oversized item fee.

It is crucial that the ‘ship-to’ address contain, at a minimum, the name used on the guest’s reservation. Ideally, the reservation or confirmation number would also be conspicuously noted on the shipping label.

When sending packages, the following information should be noted on the package:

1. Name of Sender, Company of Sender, Address and Phone Number of Sender
2. Guest Name, Confirmation number, Arrival Date (Or any other pertinent information)
3. Total Number of Boxes or Parcels (1 of 2, and so forth)

The proper mailing address to be used is for the shipment of boxes or other parcels to our Hotel is as follows:

Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino
Arrival: Guest name on reservation or confirmation number (crucial)
4100 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169 USA
T: 702.733.7000

Upon delivery, if we cannot locate a future reservation for the package’s recipient, the item will be returned to the sender or otherwise discarded.

We prefer the shipping of all boxes of materials to be scheduled to arrive at the hotel no earlier than one week prior to your arrival. Due to limited storage space in our hotel, please ensure that your shipments arrive no earlier than fourteen (14) days prior to arrival, as we may not be able to accept packages that arrive any earlier.

Should a package arrive after departure or not be claimed within five (5) days of receipt, we will attempt to contact the recipient to confirm a new ship-to address and obtain a form of payment to cover any additional shipping costs. If we are unable to reach the recipient, packages will be returned to sender or otherwise discarded.

Special arrangements must be made in advance if you are shipping five (5) individual pieces/packages or more and/or your single package is over our weight limit of 50 pounds. Any delivery of large crates or boxes (over 50 pounds) will need to be coordinated with hotel management prior to delivery and are subject to additional porterage fees.

Our hotel is not responsible for the safe or timely arrival of any package sent to the hotel. It is the guest’s responsibility to check on the arrival of any packages and to check to ensure that the contents are intact. Our hotel accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged boxes or other parcels.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the hotel front desk or receiving office.